What Type of Google Fax Number Is Perfect For You?

There are many options available in the market to choose while it comes to selecting a virtual fax number. You should know how all the fax services will help your business. This article is all about the types of fax numbers and their working principles.

Mainly there are 3 options in the market:

  • Local Number
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Vanity Number

Almost every service provides a free local and toll-free Google Fax Number with your account. A one-time fee may be needed if you want a vanity number.

Do you already have a fax number? Don’t worry, you can keep your current number and use it to procreate the fax service you are using so that you can fax from your Gmail account. It will take only 1-2 weeks after contacting the service provider to accomplish the whole transfer process.


Local Fax Number

Your local fax number will obviously contain the area code of your business. That’s pretty useful. Your local clients will easily identify your business location. They will easily know that your business is local and will be able to contact you effortlessly.


Toll-Free Fax Number

A toll-free number doesn’t contain your area code in front of your number. It has an 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888 at the beginning of your number. This type of fax number is the most famous among most business. It allows your consumers to call toll-free which means they won’t be charged to call your business and your business will be billed for all the applicable charges. Those businesses which focus on telemarketing, mostly use toll-free fax number.


Vanity Fax Number

Though it’s paid, it provides you the most customization. It lets you choose the sequence of your number you ought to use. Such as you can make the number pattern in order to spell out the name of your business or something which is related to your business. It will make your number easier to remember for your consumers. It’s certainly a great marketing tool. So you should appoint your number shrewdly.


So What Number Should You Pick?

Every type of numbers will work perfectly. You just have to pick the most convenient one for your business. Take your time and decide it. You can also take someone’s wise opinion. You will get a free Google Fax Number if you sign-up for a trial account. You can extend your favored plan along with the previous number after the trial period.

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