Things you didn’t know your email faxing service could do

Most people perceive online faxing as a method to just sending and receiving faxes when in reality there is a lot more than this service could do.

The past decade has brought a massive change in the way we communicate and the tools that are available at our disposal to communicate. Therefore, email faxing is become a famous and efficient tool for many businesses and even for home offices.

It is true that internet faxing helps save a lot of money since it is cost-free to send and receive email faxes. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Many benefits can be enjoyed with the different features available which make internet faxing a lot more useful. Below are a few features that most email fax services include in your plan.

  1. Mobile Fax Apps

One of the latest upgrades to your plain email fax servicing is the smartphone app. Many established companies today, have created apps that let you check your email fax services from your smartphone and other internet gadgets besides the iPhone. These apps prove to be a smooth ride since they help you mail fax or receive one on the go. Apart from these, there are apps that allow you to compose new fax by simply clicking the picture of your document.

  1. Sending Faxes to Multiple Recipients

Not so long ago, there was a time where you had to feed the number of every individual you wished to send the fax to. It was not only time consuming but also frustrating to some extent. With changing times, this has changed as well. Now, all you have to do is just add the recipients in “TO section of Gmail (along with addresses that have been separated by semicolons) and hit the button. It will be delivered to each and every recipient. This is very similar to sending an email with multiple recipients in it.

  1. Scheduling your Faxes

Gone are those days where it was necessary to manually send your email fax from your office. With the new features that are available, all you have to do is sign-in and schedule the time and date for the fax to be sent. Once this information is fed in, the service will send out the email fax automatically. In case, if an error shows up whilst sending the fax the very first time, the service will try sending the same multiple times until it succeeds. All of this will be made known to you through a detailed report.

  1. Electronic Signature Capabilities

The helpful thing about an electric signature is that it saves your time to sign and print a document and then finally in scanning it. Here, all you have to do is add the “signature option,” and the service provider will take care of the rest. This feature proves to be a lifesaver to those individuals who send their authenticated documents quite often.

  1. Cloud Faxing Made Easy

This feature of the email faxing service helps to extract any document that you may have saved in your cloud. Your cloud is basically an online version of your storage like the Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and so on. Make sure you check with your email fax provider if they offer easy integration options with these services.

  1. Ready for a Test Drive?

There are some add-on features that most email fax providers provide with their plan. So, look out for the features that are offered to you with your plan and take them for a test drive with free trials.

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