Things to know before getting a dedicated fax line

Most individuals believe that having just a Gmail fax number is enough, which in reality could be a wrong decision. However, being wrong could be a blessing in disguise since now there are alternate solutions in the market that saves your time and money. This article explains how a dedicated fax line works, the alternatives available in the market and how to make a smart choice while deciding which one to go with.

What exactly is a dedicated fax line?

Businesses decide to get a single phone line attached to their fax number that serves dual purposes. One, it would be dedicated to just sending and receiving faxes as well as to block voice call interruptions. One can also plug-in the machine to a phone line, which would mean that both the fax and the phone would be using the same line at the same time.

Getting a dedicated fax line for your home

A dedicated fax line comes with a cost. This cost can vary from company to company. The charges could be fees for having a second phone to the fax calls that are made outward. However, since these charges vary, it is better to confirm all the charges with the concerned company before being charged with hefty prices.

An alternate solution to the same could be to use Magic Jack, which cost around $60 and is a VoIP phone service. This serves to make calls and can also be used to send faxes from your computer. It comes in the form of a USB that needs to be connected to your network to be able to perform the functions. There are mixed reviews regarding the working of this method.

Getting fax without a landline: The smarter choice of today

Getting a dedicated fax line, therefore, is no easy task. But in today’s fast-paced world, if you’re a business that is sending a right number of faxes outward, you would prefer a solution that is quick to set up without having to buy extra hardware or paying additional installation fees for the same.

Fax from Your Computer

Today, that’s the smartest way to get your fax done. Using just your computer and the internet gives access to an instant virtual fax machine which is incredibly easy to set up. This isn’t the Magic Jack or VoIP as mentioned earlier, instead, the hero, in this case, is an online fax service.

Online services provide you with a dedicated fax number that will not disturb your phone line. In case you want to block your landline entirely than many services also offer phone and fax solution that you could use.

Setting up an online fax service is a straightforward process in itself. All you must do is fill out a form to sign up online and pick a fax number to go with it. Once done, you receive a confirmation mail, after which you can immediately begin to send and receive faxes.

How does a virtual fax number work?

The working of an online fax number is no different than a regular fax number that comes from a phone company. The format of the number is the same, and anyone can send you a fax, whether they use a fax machine or their computer.

The main difference is that anyone can send or receive faxes no matter where they are in the world with just the help of a computer and an internet connection. Now, with the ever-growing popularity of Gmail, many refer to this as a Google fax number. It is not provided directly by Google. However, it can be synced with your Gmail ID and other web ID’s including Microsoft Outlook.

If you already have a fax number that you want to keep using, many online service providing companies will be able to help you sync this with your online service by propagating your fax number. This way you can continue to use your current number with their service.

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