All About Fax Machines

History of Fax Machines

Fax machines are also known as facsimile machines, or telefax machines are trans-ponding scanners that help transmit scanned printed materials containing both text and images to a similar device with the help of a telephone number connected to the said device. The original document is scanned in a fax machine that converts the scanned image into a bitmap format and transmits it to the telephone number fed into the system that the receiver of the fax can process and download at his end.

The fax machine from the beginning of its invention has undergone tremendous changes in its forms and use. The fax machine was created with the intention make wire transmission simpler. The Scottish inventor first invented it Alexander Bain who was working on chemical mechanical fax types devices was able to reproduce graphic signs in laboratory experiments. He received the patent for this from the British government May 27, 1843. It was called the “Electric Printing Telegraph” then.

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Electric Printing Telegraph

Fredrick Bakewell made several changes to this design while Italian physicist Giovanni Casselli invented the Pantelegraph that helped transmit the first commercial telefax service between Paris and Lyon in 1865.


By 1888, Elisha Gray had invented the telautograph that further enhanced the purpose of the fax machine since it allowed to send across signatures over long distances. Finally, the Western Union announced in 1948 that “Deskfax” was the fax machine that was compact and fit comfortably on a desktop using a particular kind of spark paper.

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Western Union’s “Deskfax”

Price Range

A typical fax machine in India ranges anywhere between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 20,000 depending upon certain factors that vary from buyer to buyer. Some of the primary considerations to be made while purchasing a device are whether you are seeking for a stand-alone device or a multi functional one. A stand-alone device only serves the purpose of faxing and shall not be tied up in times of urgent need. However, a multi functional device helps you to fulfil various tasks like scanning, copying and printing of a document.

Other features that might be considered are that the latest machines come with caller ID’s that come real handy to identify the sender of the fax. Features like auto redial and fax forwarding can simplify sending and sharing information. Modern fax speed also ranges from 20 seconds to 2 seconds per page depending upon the sending and receiving functions of transmissions. Considering the value of a warranty or service plan that comes along the machine is also important. And last, it is also imperative that you consider the memory and printing quality that will be delivered by the machine at the time of use.

There are various companies now that provide a whole range of fax machines depending upon the choice of the buyer. Brother fax machines are the best in business when it comes to procuring fax machines for business purposes. They are reliable, high-quality, feature-rich printers and fax machines that are also available in mobile solutions.
The companies Brother and Canon provide a varied range of fax machines at your disposal to choose from when it comes to purchasing one for your business. They are robust, reliable and manufactured to perform at their best.

Brother Fax Machine

At times, official duties are being conducted not while being in office but outside travelling for work. How do you make sure that your travel does not come in the way of getting your sending your important documents? How are you supposed to send and receive faxes in transit?

As of now, only one company sells a portable, wireless, self-sufficient fax machine. The Greta GSM Fax and Printer by Possio is necessarily a big cell phone that doubles as a fax machine, scanner and copier. It weighs a little over two pounds and measuring 11 inches by 6 inches; the device contains a GSM card that allows it to send and receive cell phone voice and data calls. It also comes with a 50-foot roll of paper for printing out approximately 50 fax pages.

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Greta GSM Fax and Printer

Fax machines are available on sale on various resale websites like OLX and eBay at a low price than the original. It is crucial that you verify and recheck the product before purchasing one from these websites. The original, however, can be brought in small and large sizes depending upon the place to be used, that is, home or office. It can be purchased at the nearest electronic store which gives you the liberty to check the product and get a demo as per your need.

The same original product can also be brought online at one of the e-buying stores like Amazon and Flipkart that gives you a hefty off on these products owing to their bulk purchase from the manufacturer. Thus, to conclude, while deciding to buy a fax machine make a list of your requirements in the said machine and look up for the best available fax machine either online or at a retail store near you.

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