How to Receive Fax in Your Gmail Inbox

With businesses growing at a fast pace, it does not matter anymore whether you are a small business or a multinational company. It is essential to have an efficient and secure online faxing solution at affordable prices. There are many options available today that helps to take the business to the next level such as cloud storage, VoIP and the most used electronic mail. It is the most efficient and quick way to communicate amongst companies.

With the advancement in technology, the way to faxing has also expanded drastically. You can go the old school way and buy a physical fax machine that requires you to pay hefty fees later in terms of maintenance, an extra phone line, and fax per page cost from your phone company or you could go paperless by sending and receiving faxes from your Gmail that requires just a computer and an internet connection.

How to Get Started

It is easy to get started on procuring your online Gmail linked fax account. It can be acquired through the below two steps.

Step 1: Getting a Gmail account: Most individuals today have an account on Gmail since it is the go-to mail address. However, in cases where you don’t have a Gmail access, you can sign up for one in a hassle-free manner. It is also recommended to have a separate account for the functioning of faxes from your account since that helps in the organisation of documents, both sent and received.

Step 2: Getting an Email Fax Service: Getting an Email fax service helps you set up a connection to be able to fax by email by creating an online fax number that allows receiving Gmail fax. Your virtual number is activated automatically, and it converts any incoming faxes into a digital format which is then delivered to your Gmail account within seconds. This entire process is automatic and is configured in a way where you don’t have to do anything.

These services come at a price. However, it is the most reliable way in transforming your Gmail account into an online fax machine. Most servicing companies like RingCentral and eFax offer their first month as a trial that is free of cost so you can explore their services for free the whole month!

How to set up a Virtual fax number with Gmail

The process to this is quite simple. Log in to your dashboard where you would find a link that is usually sent to you at the time of your welcome email. Once you are logged in the system, you can go to the settings option and look for a section to edit your Incoming Fax and Notifications.

If it is RingCentral, you will find this option under Notifications. There is an option to receive faxes in your mail as an email notification or as an attachment to your mail. You can also choose to receive a text message on your phone of the incoming faxes in your mail. Such an array of options makes it convenient to send and receive faxes through your Gmail account.

To be precise, you don’t need to configure these changes within Google. The integration comes from using an email fax service, and they’ll take care of the entire set up. Also, it is not imperative that you join this service immediately. It is normal to be inquisitive and thorough and thus you are offered the free trial period that you can take strong advantage of. These trials are safe, secure and if not sure, you can cancel at any time.

While using a fax machine to receive faxes, you are provided with a fax number. If you wish to keep the number, you can speak to the email fax service who would help you propagate your number to their service. Thus, your number shall stay the same, and you can enjoy receiving faxes online.

In cases where you don’t have a fax number, you can always opt for a free one. Most services provide you with either a local or a toll-free number, but you can also get a number of your choice by paying an additional one-time fee.

Once your fax number is set up, you can begin to send and receive faxes. You will be able to receive faxes from other fax machines, the only difference being that the incoming documents would be directed towards your inbox. Which means that when someone sends you a fax, an online fax service automatically converts the fax into a digital format and sends you an email with the faxed document as an attachment that is usually in the form of a PDF.

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