Enhanced Productivity in Healthcare through Cloud Faxing

Usage of fax machines is a regular sight in most healthcare offices across the globe. This way of work is considered to be so ordinary that it is almost mundane. Even in this era where technology has improved vastly with so many machines at our disposal, fax machines seem to continue their monotony in the field of sharing communication. A recent study also suggests that fax accounts for a good 75% of most of the medical communication available today.

There are reasons behind the fax still using the older method of communication. A 2017 report given by IDC established that many businesses use fax as part of their business out of having no other choice to share official and critical documents within business entities. Most customers and involved parties insist on it, industry regulators require it and set company processes make it difficult to incorporate such changes.

The report also found that the other big challenge faced by organisations making use of fax is that the productivity is lost on the employees using it. The entire process of sending a fax that includes printing the document, walking to the fax machine, placing a document into the feeder, manually keying in the recipient’s fax number, pressing send, then waiting for confirmation that the fax was received, and filing or destroying the page is burdensome and the situation gets all the more worst since only one person can use the machine at a time.

Now, there is an alternative to this option. You can outsource your organisation’s entire fax infrastructure to a trusted company that excels in a cloud fax platform. Cloud faxing within itself encompasses all the qualities of a traditional faxing machine but works in a more enhanced way. It is secure, compliant, and accountable without the inconveniences that come with a physical fax machine. Besides, it also has various unique features that help for the smooth and better functioning of the method of faxing.

For example:

  1. Wasting less time waiting at the fax machine: If calculated the amount of time an employee wastes standing next to the office fax machine over the course of a year the amount can be seriously high. But with cloud faxing, employees can send and receive faxes almost like sending a mail from their desktop computer which is faster, familiar and gets rid of any time that is wasted standing idle at the fax machine. It also helps save the amount of paper that is used to send and then receive faxes from another.
  2. You can Fax from anywhere: The other advantage of cloud faxing is mobility. For organisations that have employees out on sales or marketing duties can find it challenging to fax in transit. Replacing this inconvenience with the help of cloud fax, employees can now securely receive and send faxes no matter what their location or the device they are using. This means that there is no need to drive all the way to their workplace or to look around for their nearest public fax machine.
  3. No more troubleshooting: IT departments in any organisation are stretched beyond their limit to maintain devices that are being used within the company. Keeping a fully functioning fax machine can add more pressure on the already existing stress. From fixing things as they break, to providing ongoing maintenance such as replacing toner cartridges and updating software licenses, looking after a fax machine or fax server can be a fulltime job. Thus, when you switch to cloud fax, you mainly hand over your responsibility to a third-party provider which does not burden IT departments.

When you are ready to move your faxing solutions to a cloud faxing organisation you may want to start with a company that you trust. For more than two decades now, eFax Corporate has been servicing healthcare companies send, receive and store their fax documents in a more convenient, secure and cost-effective way. Next time, move your faxing business to a Secure HIPAA Compliant Cloud Fax Solution designed for Healthcare.

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