Enhanced Productivity in Healthcare through Cloud Faxing

Usage of fax machines is a regular sight in most healthcare offices across the globe. This way of work is considered to be so ordinary that it is almost mundane. Even in this era where technology has improved vastly with so many machines at our disposal, fax machines seem to continue their monotony in the field of sharing communication. A recent study also suggests that fax accounts for a good 75% of most of the medical communication available today. Continue reading “Enhanced Productivity in Healthcare through Cloud Faxing”

Things you didn’t know your email faxing service could do

Most people perceive online faxing as a method to just sending and receiving faxes when in reality there is a lot more than this service could do.

The past decade has brought a massive change in the way we communicate and the tools that are available at our disposal to communicate. Therefore, email faxing is become a famous and efficient tool for many businesses and even for home offices. Continue reading “Things you didn’t know your email faxing service could do”

How to Receive Fax in Your Gmail Inbox

With businesses growing at a fast pace, it does not matter anymore whether you are a small business or a multinational company. It is essential to have an efficient and secure online faxing solution at affordable prices. There are many options available today that helps to take the business to the next level such as cloud storage, VoIP and the most used electronic mail. It is the most efficient and quick way to communicate amongst companies. Continue reading “How to Receive Fax in Your Gmail Inbox”