Bitcoin Fax-The Important Things You Need To Know

There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency market is growing day by day. 2017 was the year of cryptocurrencies. Among all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most valuable and it has the biggest market capture. Bitcoin is called the boss of cryptocurrencies.
Surprisingly, earlier this year Bitcoin introduced their online fax service named Bitcoin Fax. Bitcoin Fax offers users to send faxes online by using the Bitcoin currency which will eliminate the monthly sign-up plan.

You are probably thinking about why we are analyzing this new Bitcoin Fax. Well, the foremost reason is there is no sign-up service here. Almost every online fax service provider offers monthly or annual subscription plans. Those monthly and annual plans are quite eye-catching for businessmen. But few people only want to send fax occasionally and they don’t need any subscription. Developer Simon Males proclaimed this new service via Reddit. He commented, “Thought I would support the bitcoin economy by helping those who still need to send faxes from time to time.” There are many users who liked his statement and reacted positively.

The work process

The whole process is pretty simple. The design of the entire website is extremely straightforward. It’s quite easy to navigate and after all, it takes only a few steps to send a fax. In addition, you can attach only PDF files to the fax. If you have any other type of documents, you have to convert it to PDF to use the Bitcoin Fax service.

  • At first, go to Bitcoin Fax (
  • As we explained, No sign-up process is required.
  • Enter the fax number or receiver.
  • Attach the PDF you want to send.
  • Click the send button.

That’s all you have to do if you want to send a fax using Bitcoin Fax. Another important thing is that you can’t integrate this service into your Gmail account. But still, we prefer this service to all the users who want to enjoy the pay-per-fax service rather than a monthly plan. Moreover, you can only send the fax using this service. You won’t be able to receive any fax cause there is no virtual fax number.

Before ending we want to let you know the differences between the Bitcoin Fax and the other providers such as FaxZero. Bitcoin Fax provides you the freedom to send as many fax pages you want to any fax number. But FaxZero offers limited numbers of fax pages to send to the US and Canada only. Above all, they put disgusting ads on the cover pages. In the meantime, you can send an ad free fax to anywhere you want.

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