Be Environment-Friendly with Internet Faxing

Don’t ever think that it’s negligible to switch to an internet faxing service to rescue our environment. As of now, carbon dioxide is the no. 1 cause of global warming. We can help to save trees and diminish the carbon dioxide emanations.

Internet faxing provides you an affordable and swift way to send and receive faxes from all over the world. You can also make your business environment friendly by using internet faxing. We all need to build our business eco-friendly to preserve our environment. Moreover, using internet fax will help to reduce waste.


How Will It Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emanations?

If you are using a fax machine in your office then it must have to be plugged in almost every time. You won’t want to miss an important fax by turning it off. So your fax machine has to be plugged in all the day. That’s the foremost reason why Energy Star proclaimed the fax machine as the most energy consuming gadget.

Carbon dioxide is always created by an electrical gadget. A single fax machine can easily consume almost 321 kilowatts within a year which can certainly release around 200 kg of carbon dioxide. In the US the fax machines emit almost 4,763,000,000 kg of CO2 within a year.

Analyzing the info-graphic above, it is appraised that around 46.3 million fax machines are being used all over the world. Just think about it. Can’t we reduce the volume of CO2 by switching to internet faxing? Apart from that a lot of trees would be saved.


Let’s Make Our Environment Green by Saving Trees

You should know that a 15-year-old tree can make the only ½ a box of paper. You can save a tree each year by switching to internet faxing. Moreover, your business will also reduce the amount of paper it ingests cause you can edit, send and receive any document from the computer.

Conforming to the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) in the US about 69 million tons of paper are used every year. Calculating a rough estimate we can measure that if 1% of paper faxes were done through internet faxing it would save 73.5 million trees every year.

Furthermore, ink cartridges are necessary to use the paper in a fax machine. After all, cartridges become solid waste which takes 450 years to decay in the land.


Save Money as well as The Environment

We know sometimes accomplishing a new program in your business can cost more money. But that’s not true in terms of using internet fax service. Moreover, your business will be able to reduce outlays. Let us show you the reasons:

  • Less paper will be wasted.
  • Only a little ink will be used.
  • Electric consumption will be reduced.
  • You won’t need an extra phone line.
  • No installation cost.

Those are the major reasons why internet faxing is growing day by day. It is beneficial for both user and environment. As we explained earlier, it doesn’t need any intricate installation process.

Internet faxing is also very worthwhile for businesses. You can edit, send and receive faxes effortlessly using internet faxing service. You can directly check out the advantages of online fax service today without paying a single penny.

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