All About Fax Machines

History of Fax Machines

Fax machines are also known as facsimile machines, or telefax machines are trans-ponding scanners that help transmit scanned printed materials containing both text and images to a similar device with the help of a telephone number connected to the said device. The original document is scanned in a fax machine that converts the scanned image into a bitmap format and transmits it to the telephone number fed into the system that the receiver of the fax can process and download at his end. Continue reading “All About Fax Machines”

Things you didn’t know your email faxing service could do

Most people perceive online faxing as a method to just sending and receiving faxes when in reality there is a lot more than this service could do.

The past decade has brought a massive change in the way we communicate and the tools that are available at our disposal to communicate. Therefore, email faxing is become a famous and efficient tool for many businesses and even for home offices. Continue reading “Things you didn’t know your email faxing service could do”

Things to know before getting a dedicated fax line

Most individuals believe that having just a Gmail fax number is enough, which in reality could be a wrong decision. However, being wrong could be a blessing in disguise since now there are alternate solutions in the market that saves your time and money. This article explains how a dedicated fax line works, the alternatives available in the market and how to make a smart choice while deciding which one to go with. Continue reading “Things to know before getting a dedicated fax line”